Welcome to The Island Forums

We hope that you will find the membership here to be warm and inviting, just as island sand is warm beneath your feet! Our forums exist to support and aid women and men through the joys, trials, ups and downs of marriage, parenthood, single living, and much much more. Our forums are not censored, so you can speak freely and openly about issues that are important to your family, and yourself. Pull up a beach chair and get comfy!

The Island Forums are a private sanctuary that we love to bring friends to. So here's how it works: You register for our forums and then you have the opportunity to post your first post to our Knock Knock Forum. In this first post, tell us a bit about yourself, how you found us, what you hope to find here, post pictures, customize your signature, etc. You will be greeted by the "Islanders" and eventually you will be given "Islander" status and a whole world of forums will open up to you. Let us know about your interests and how we can help you to feel welcome at our island get-a-way.

Yep - there are some rules and regulations - mostly it's based on the Golden Rule - Do unto Others type of thing. You can handle that, can't you? Oh and the other rule - Enjoy yourself!

The Islanders