The Island Map

The purpose of the Island Map is to provide an overall lay of the land and to let Islanders know what services and amenities are offered on the Island. This map provides the general guidelines for Islanders and the Administrators. We'll tell you where the first aid station is, where the bar is, and ... if necessary, where the boat to leave the Island is. Be warned - we don't provide paddles and the boat leaks. Oh, and did I mention the sharks?

Beach Passes - a privilege not a right.

Remember, the Island is a private club ... if you consistently cause problems you can be banished at the Administrators' discretion. This is necessary to keep our Island free of rats and other vermin and to keep the Island a harmonious place. Whenever possible the Administrators will consult the Islanders, but are not obligated to get permission to banish anyone.

Keep in mind that we are all on the Island to enjoy ourselves. What is fun for you might not be fun for other Islanders. Try not to spoil their fun and they'll try not to spoil yours.

But really, it all boils down to one simple principle - don't piss off the Administrators. It's their Island and they own all the towels. Not to mention they own all the booze behind the bar and the jet skis. Keep it nice and we'll all have fun. By the way, did we mention the sharks?

Daily Arts and Crafts Activities
In the interest of fun, we encourage Islanders to adorn their bodies with paint and shells and their signatures with graphics and blinkies. However, we also encourage Islanders to be aware of the diverse population of the Island and to use common courtesy when choosing adornments. Please respect your fellow Islanders and use taste and discretion. This isn't to say you can't get a wonderful tattoo on your butt and show it off with your new thong ... but we ask that you choose the appropriate place to show it off. If you would like help finding or creating custom graphics, stop by the Geek Isles and ask for advice.

Clothing Optional Areas
The Island has a nude beach where anything goes - the Daily Bump and Grind board. Do not go there unless you are prepared for an eyeful. Occasionally, members may want to skinny-dip or go streaking on other boards. When this happens, we ask that you use a warning so people don't have to see your privates. We know you look hot, but some Islanders may not want to see it. In general, try to keep your loincloths and grass skirts on.

Management may occasionally need to add warning signs if an Islander decides to frolic naked and forgets to post a sign. We won't require clothing, but will put up signs to allow other Islanders to stay away from the area if they choose, or to join in if they choose.'The warning signs will take place in the form of a subject/title notice. You also have the option of editing your post or putting on a grass skirt if you wandered in public naked by accident.

Surf Advisories
Occasionally Administrators may need to close the beach or a thread due to high surf or high tempers. This will never be done lightly. Administrators are well aware that Islanders are all grownups and can swim well. But no-one wants to see an Islander get a wayward surfboard on the head. Beaches will reopen as quickly as possible.

First Aid Station
If someone kicks sand in your eyes, intentionally, or by accident, please try to work it out. The best way to do this is to talk to the person via PM. If that's not possible, please let the Island Administrators know. We'll work with you to come up with a solution. You can send a message to the Administrators using the personal message system, or email us at If a resolution cannot be found we have no problem putting trouble makers off of the Island in a leaky boat with no oars. We mentioned the sharks, right?

Parties are encouraged. If you and other Islanders are getting together, please use the Island Luaus board to announce and organize these events.

Restaurants and Bars
Enjoy the fine cuisine offered up on the Domestic Divas board, make friends in the Island Cocktail Lounge and don't forget the periodic bonfire chats. Just like on the mainland, if you are exceptionally obnoxious, you risk having to clean the bathrooms after a busy night.

The following specific behavior is specifically forbidden:
Offering cootchie cootchies to atschmidt
Offering hugs to katie
Asking Carla to admit that any child is anywhere near as cute as Ari.

What else?
We're all here to have fun. Since the waters get rough sometimes, try to keep an eye out for your fellow Islanders.

Obviously if there is a volcanic eruption or mudslide we'll update the map accordingly.

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